Best SEO Practice - 51 Tips

1. Place your keyword phrases at title tag. Title must be less than 65 characters.

2. Place the most important keyword phrase close the beginning of the page title.

3. Put some main keyword in keyword meta tag.

4. Write a good description for meta description tag, description must be unique to each page.

5. Keep Meta description short and meaningful write only 1 or 2 sentences in description.

6. Target the most important competitive keyword phrase at the home page.

7. Target one or two keywords phrases per page.

8. Use only one H1 header per page.

9. Place the most important keyword in H1 tag.

10. Use H2 and H3 for sub headers where required.

11. Use Bold / Italic / Underline for your keyword phrase for extra weight in contents.

12. Use bulleted lists to make content easier to read.

13. Use ALT tag for images, so that crawler can know about images.

14. Don’t use flash on your website because crawler can’t read flash.

15. Try to keep easier navigation of your website.

16. Use text based navigation.

17. Use CSS to creating navigation menu instead of JavaScript.

18. Use keyword phrases in file name, you can use hyphens (-) to separate the word in file names.

19. Create a valid robot.txt file.

20. Create a HTML site map for crawler and user.

21. Create a XML site map for Google crawler.

22. Add text links to others page in the footer of site.

23. Use keyword phrase in Anchor text.

24. Link the entire pages to each others.

25. Use keyword rich breadcrumb navigation to help search engines understand the structure of your site.

26. Add a feedback form and place a link to this form from all the pages.

27. Add bookmark button.

28. Add a subscription form at every page for increasing your mailing list.

29. Add RSS feed button so that user can subscribe easily.

30. Add Social Media sharing button.

31. Use images on every page but don’t forget to use ALT tag.

32. Use videos on your site which is related to your niche.

33. Write informative, fresh, unique, useful content on your site.

34. Write site content in between 300 to 500 words.

35. Keywords % must be 3 to 5%.

36. Don’t copy any content from other websites, fresh and unique content is the key of your success.

37. Add deep link to related articles.

38. Regular update your website with fresh content.

39. Use CSS to improve the look of your website.

40. Write your content for human not for robot.

41. Buy Country Level Domain name if your website is targeting local users.

42. Use a good keyword suggestion tools to finding good keywords phrases for your website.

43. Use 301 redirection to redirect to

44. Try to buy local hosting server for your website if your site is targeting local people.

45. Use keywords rich URL instead of dynamic URL.

46. Break your article in paragraph if your article is long.

47. Add full contact address on contact page with direction map.

48. Validate XHTML and CSS at

49. Don’t use hidden text or hidden links.

50. Avoid graphic links, because text in the image can not be indexed by the spiders.

51. Don’t create multi page for with same contents.


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