Difference Between Silver light and WPF

This lesson describe an amount of core differences between Silverlight and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).

Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) represent 2 different Valuable products from Microsoft, but has Plenty of overlap. Silverlight is a sub set of WPF in terms of characteristics and functionality.

Silverlight would definitely be a Microsoft technology, competing with Adobes Flash and is supposed for building up rich browser based internet applications.

WPF is a Microsoft technology intended for producing enhanced graphics applications for desktop platform. Further more, WPF applications are usually hosted on web browsers that provides rich graphics characteristics for web applications. Web Browser Appliactions (WBA) originated on WPF technology utilizes XAML to host user interface for browser applications. XAML stands for long lasting Application Markup Language which happens to be a Modern declarative programming example from Microsoft. XAML data files are hosted as descrete files in the Web server, but are downloaded to the browsers and changed over to user interface by the. NET runtime in the client browsers.

WPF runs on. NET runtime and coders would be able to take advantage of each and every rich. NET Framework and WPF program libraries to build up really very cool windows applications. WPF supports 3-D graphics, complex animations, hardware acceleration etc.


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