What is Silverlight SDK?

Silverlight SDK is a set of tools, documentation, samples and guides for the web developers to support them easy modernise Silverlight enabled applications. The SDK is not really compulsory to create Silverlight applications ; even so, SDK will make developing a great deal easier.

This excellent SDK supplies a working sample control for Silverlight 4 that applies each one of the characteristics of two extra assemblies, which together supply a rich set of user experience for utilization of Microsoft Bing search results.

The initial element is a recyclable framework extension to the Microsoft Silverlight Toolkit. This excellent fabric is designed to provide :

* Support controls for the sampling Bing element.
* A recyclable perspective control toolkit for applying and using some of the sophisticated informations metaphors shown in the Bing hunt element.
* Components such as CloudView, TileView, BandCloudView and StackView can be used in any Silverlight application. All the controls in this assemb.


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