Tools required to create Silverlight applications.

This excellent chapter discusses various development tools available to create Silverlight applications.

To run Silverlight applcations in a web browser, you need to have Silverlight run time installed on the client browser as a plug in. This is a light weight version of. NET runtime.

However, to create a Silverlight application, you need something to a greater extent.

Silverlight SDK. 

This excellent include a set of tools required to compile and construct Silverlight controls.

If you are comfortable writing HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE using notepad and compiling. NET coatings from console table tools, then you simply require the Silverlight SDK to create Silverlight applications.

Even so, many of us utilize some kind of IDE to create applications programmes quicker.

Microsoft offers 2 separate tools to develop Silverlight applications :.

1 . Microsoft Expression Studio - this excellent tool is supposed for web designers to development rich visual elements for Silverlight applications. Expression Studio is recommended for web designers who create rich internet applications programmes with enhanced visual content and computer graphics. There are various characteristics supplied for making enhanced graphics elements with lot of options to pluck colour, font etc.

2.Microsoft Visual Studio - this is the integrated development environment from Microsoft to develop. MESH applications.

Computer programmers can utilize Visual Studio to develop Silverlight applications which command programming. Visual Studio allows computer programmers to develop sophisticated Silverlight applications in any. NET language (like C #, VB.NET etc).

If you work with Visual Studio, you can download the Silverlight development tools from here. This download include the Service pack1 for VS.NET and the Silverlight SDK.

Which tool to use - Expression Studio or Visual Studio?

If your Silverlight application include exactly computer graphics adn visual elements, then you definitely can utilize Expression Studio. Even so, if you are a computer programmer and if your Silverlight application include programming logic, then you might desire to choose Visual Studio.


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